Access Procedure

Please apply for KOFS according to the following procedure.

  1. Choose the equipment you want to use (Equipment List)
  2. Fill in an application form and submit it
    *If you have any questions, please ask KOFS Administration Office by email (contact)
  3. Receive the acceptance of the application from KOFS administration office
  4. Schedule Adjustment
  5. Come to KCC and use the equipment
  6. Pay the charge of use
  7. Fill in a result report and submit it

Users and Theme

· Intended Users
  Students, Researchers, Technical experts and those who related to research and analysis around the world
· Research Theme
  No restrictions

Payment of the charge

We have two options to pay:
   1. In cash at the accounting office of Kochi University
   2. By Bank Transfer
*The details about how to pay will be informed when receiving a confirmation of an application.

Application form

Please refer to the example to fill in this application form.

〇Application form(Word / PDF        Example

Result Report

The details about how to submit will be informed when finishing your usage.