Virtual Core Viewer:

New DICOM viewer, Virtual core viewer released on December, 2012 !

More quick view, new DICOM viewers named as Virtual Core Viewer have been released.

Web interface :
for users who want to create 3D image of cores by browser.

Android application :
for Android tablet.

Try it !


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This library leads to access digital images of geological core samples drilled by the D/V Chikyu on Expeditions for Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP). As one of unique measurement on the Chikyu, X-ray CT scanning is conducted all cores before splitting them for sampling. A researcher can see internal structures of the cores without any destruction of sample materials by using digital files of the X-ray CT scanning. CHIKYU



Typical structures within core samples found by scientific research are showing on Library page. After installing Quick Time plug-in, 3D movie and rendering image can be available.