Expedition 322 was designed to investigate characteristics of incoming sedimentary strata and igneous basement at the Nankai accretionary prism. Site C0012 drilled to igneous basement through sedimentary units instead of C0011 that drilling was discontinued due to problem of drill bit.

File No. 322C0012A45R1

Expedition : 322
Site : C0012
Hole : A
Core : 45R
Section : 1

CSF Depth : 461.50m

Spectacular laminations found in sand stone of lithologic Unit V, of which age ranges from early to middle Miocene (>13.6 to 18.9 Ma). Plane-parallel laminae, convolute laminae, and soft-sediment sheath folds were seen. Bright reflection of X-ray CT image may indicate existence of high density nodule or concentration of minerals in thin bed.

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